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Unseen 2018 - ARG


The first time some people got the word about the Unseen was in the patch notes for OB 0.5.9. It is here where we get the line, and I quote:

The Dark Harvest has returned to Ramsgate, but something about this year’s event feels … sinister. Townspeople murmur of a dark force building in the Shattered Isles. ΔΩ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­YΩU­ ­ ­­ ­ ­CㅏㄹㄹY­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ㅏ­ ­ ­­ ­ ΛㅏNTЭㄹN?

In that quote there is a weird string of symbols, which reads:

ΔΩ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­YΩU­ ­ ­­ ­ ­CㅏㄹㄹY­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ㅏ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ΛㅏNTЭㄹN?

Some people would just have looked over this and gone to the next chapter in the patch notes to read about changes, but some people realized that you are able to press the ciphered message and get transported to a twitter account. Where there are some really strange messages being passed back and forth.

When you translate this you get "Do you carry a Lantern?". Later on October 23, there was an update with another cipher.


Which when translated means "Join us"

The Cult arrives in Ramsgate

The Unseen is a cult of some sort. All we know for sure is that they are trying to cleanse the world. They worship a weird statue, but more on that later. They wear these strange clothing and can be seen in Ramsgate when the week-long eclipse arrived in Ramsgate. They can be seen in quite a few places all around Ramsgate. Some of them are just trying to blend in while others are spreading their message. They make graffiti around Ramsgate and you can also read about the encounter with one of them on one of the lore pages. and I quote:

Can you read it?” A voice echoed behind her. Zola startled, jumping back from the wall. There, in the shadow of a shuttered doorway, a woman in a grey cloak stood and watched. How long had she been standing there?” ““Do you understand the writing?” she asked again.” “I can read some of it,” she admitted. “Not all of it.” Where did you learn to read it?” Zola demanded. “I wrote it.” “Teach me,” said Zola.

As we can read the Unseen seems to be really good at sneaking around and blending into the shadows. They seem to not want to harm others. Since after Zola found the graffiti, the individual didn’t try to do anything about it. She even told Zola the translation of it. If she was trying to keep it a secret, why would she tell Zola the translation? This always seemed strange to me, but it makes perfect sense if the Unseen does want to be known. They want people to see their message and they want people to join. Though this is only speculation since we don’t know if Zola got a yes from the strange woman. So, one can only guess. But my opinion is yes. She did get accepted and she did get into the Unseen cult. Since we haven’t heard about a Zola from that point and onward. Though we have don’t know when this did happen.

They have a logo that has a square surrounded by something that resembles fangs. In the middle is a diamond shape that you see on cards. This resembles an eye. So, we can look at it this way, the behemoth swallows up the truth (since eyes can symbolize truth, and more this one was the one that seemed the most convincing).

It is here we get this message:

No one knows who leads the doomsday cult that nests in the shadows of Ramsgate, or how many people this ominous group can claim as members.
What is certain, though, is that the Dark Harvest has emboldened The Unseen to reveal themselves.

It is here we get the confirmation that the cult is being considered a doomsday cult. They want to bring an end to something. This thing most likely being the end of humankind as we know it. Or at least they want Ramsgate to disappear.

The Statue in Ramsgate

The statue that they worship has a striking resemblance to the Shrowd. Though it’s missing the purple color in its eyes. Also, a body that not made of branches. But never mind that right now. The eyes missing their purple color could be due to the fact that it is a statue and it’s not alive. Though it could also be a “living” Shrowd because we do see Aether leaking from its back. Aether is most commonly known from weapons, the compound that keeps islands floating and what Behemoths are most commonly known for. So, it might be a sign that it is breaking out of its confinement.

Though it could also have something to do with the Aether infused seeds that seems to come from Ramsgate doing the week-long eclipse that happens around the time of Halloween, mostly known by Slayers as "Dark Harvest". It is this time of year that the Shrowds come to feed on the seeds.

Ciphers around Ramsgate

Sewer cipher

The first one that most people discover is the one I named “Sewer cipher, you find this when you enter the sewers on a wall.

This here reads:


When you translate that you will get the message: "Unseen and waiting in darkness"
What they could be saying is that they are waiting for us. They want us to discover them. When we do, they can act upon it. This next cipher was found after going further after finding the first, you will find this next cipher.

Sewer Exit cipher

This message here reads:


When you decipher this, you will get the message: "The Shattered must fall". The Shattered that the message is referring to is the The Shattered Isles. Since the Unseen is classified as a doomsday cult, it makes sense that they would try to eliminate the city of Ramsgate as well as the Islands that make up the surrounding area.

Cave Cipher - Audio c ipher

This last cipher was the "Cave Cipher" and was found inside the cave behind the waterfall. Since people mostly look down and don’t focus on the surrounding they mostly didn’t see this one.

And if you looked up you would find this cipher:


The direct translation for that is “See the sound and kiow the Unseen”. There is a typo in the message. It is really "know" and not "kiow". So after reading this message, my first thought was that there might have something to do with the sounds in the cave. Looking into that seems to have been something with the sounds of the cave. Though myself not being able to get the recording myself had to do it with the one made by Reddit user xeman2x. When you listen to this it sounds really weird. But when running it through an audio-program and asking it to make a spectrogram. You’ll get this:

Unseen Cave

This Spectrogram reads:


When you decipher this you get the message: "@dntls_TheUnseen are listening. Speak the words: Fallen Shadow" This was the official account for the Unseen and if you spoke the words "Fallen Shadow" you would be rewarded with the Unseen Armour, Unseen Flare and Unseen Sigil. This was the end of the ARG. The Unseen seemed to escape into the shadow until they return again...

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The Dark Harvest Returns

So, on October 5, 2018, we got a Dark Harvest preview. In there we got this picture:

ΔΩ YΩU CㅏㄹㄹY ㅏ ΛㅏNTㅏㄹN

This message here is something that is a message that we will see a lot of in the future. Since it is a core part of these ciphers.
When translated it reads: “Do you carry a lantern”. A strange message indeed.

Release: OB 0.5.9

So, this was posted October 16, 2018, we get the information that the Dark Harvest has returned to and this strange message. The message states:

ΔΩ YΩU CㅏㄹㄹY ㅏ ΛㅏNTㅏㄹN

This is also where people would be able to press the link in the text to be able to enter the Unseen twitter account, more on that later. After translating this, the message says. “Do you carry a Lantern?”. This message is going to make WAY more sense when I start talking about the tweets. So, for now just put it on the shelf right now.

Release: OB 0.5.10

This was posted on October 23, 2018. We get more information about the Unseen. The Unseen has grown. They are gaining more followers. They want people to help with their course aka the Annihilation of The Shattered Isles. Oh, and the message.


When this is directly translated it translates to “Join us” and yes, I know that some translations of the Unseen’s language are not the same as mine but hey. Who cares, it makes sense. Also, it is very hard to make this sound like the real stuff. So, cut me some slack.